Navegador 1.0.1

Program for receiving and analysing GPS signals

Navegador is a GPS enabled application that collects real time information from many GPS models and provides an easy and compact navigation solution. Navegador understands most of the GPS protocols available today, including the Zodiac binary protocol (used by DeLorme units), the Garmin proprietary protocol, and the standard NMEA 183 protocol.

The information is divided into six main displays:

  • Info: navigation information like position, time, speed, course; signal quality information like estimated position error, dilution of precision
  • Sats: graphical display of visible, unused and used satelites, with signal strength bars
  • Map: real time map with position, course, and graphical display of waypoints and tracks
  • Points: waypoints management
  • Tracks: tracks management
  • Computer: trip computer, with moving/stopped times, total distance and average/maximum speeds

A comprehensive GPS application for Palm OS PDAs.

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Navegador 1.0.1

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